Penang Food Trails

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Whether it's exotic local street food or the elegance of fine dining you crave, Penang has it all. Ask any true blue Penangite and he or she will proudly tell you that there is no place like home – especially when it comes to food!

Because Penang is a melting pot of cultures, her food also bears interesting nuances of flavour that hint of different influences. Eating is almost considered a favourite pastime here with many coffee shops and eateries open until the wee hours of the morning. Some (notably the Nasi Kandar outlets) are open 24-hours daily, serving rice, piping hot curries, noodles and an array of mouth-watering fare to hungry patrons round-the-clock!

While Penang boasts of exquisite restaurants and fast food outlets serving everything from Japanese, Korean, Italian, English and French to Indian, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and Thai cuisine, it is her hawker fare that both locals and foreigners cannot get enough of.

Cooked with the freshest ingredients and fragrant spices, these dishes have one thing in common – they are rich, aromatic and impossible to resist!

Oh, and for the brave and adventurous, the King of Fruits awaits! Balik Pulau durians (yes, the infamous thorny fruit with its unmistakable, distinct smell) are the most sought after in Malaysia with durian connoisseurs making their way from as far as Singapore just for a taste of the sweet yellow seasonal fruit.

Indeed, eating in Penang is not limited to restaurants and hawker centres. It is a must for visitors to Penang to load up on durian cakes (only available during the durian season), nutmeg products and tau sar pneah for relatives and friends back home.